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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  June 18, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: a promising student killed. congressman elijah cummings buries his murdered nephew. >> we want to make sure you never do this to another human being again. >> reporter: tonight, the politician delivers a direct message to his nephew's killer. good evening, i'm adam may. christopher couplings was shot to death at college. police have not caught his killers as his family lays him to west. weijia jiang has more on today's funeral services and the search for justice. >> reporter: the congressman said his young nephew had so much to give back and he's not
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going to stop until he finds the person who took it all away. christopher cummings was laid to rest saturday. his uncle representative elijah cummings delivered the eulogy. couplings was a junior at old dominion university in norfolk. last weekend, he was shot to death in the house he shared with other students just 50 feet away from campus. >> he was truly a leader at the school. they now have to carry on. >> reporter: many friends from odu traveled to the service. the criminal justice matsch her a 3.5gpa with plans to attend law school cut short when someone broke into the house shot cummings and his roommate who survived. he may have been the same person who tried to break in six weeks ago. >> the guy pulled a gun on my son but chris was able to force him all the way out. >> reporter: representative cummings has seen plenty of violent crimes in his district.
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during the service, he talked about the urgent need to fight back. >> i think that this incident is going to heighten folks' efforts to do that. >> reporter: in a message to his nephew's killer, cummings made clear his personal effort. >> i promise you, i promise we will find you. you will be found. you didn't give christopher justice, you slaughtered him, but we want to make sure you get justice. we want to make sure you never do this to another human being again. >> reporter: on monday, representative cummings is holding a press conference in norfolk with police to urge anyone who knows something to come forward. weijia jiang, wjz "eyewitness news." >> thank so you much. christopher couplings had three sisters and one brother. homes, streets, and cars all damaged in county. police say some teenagers went on a very expensive vandalism spree. now tonight, they are under arrest. >> reporter: residents of this
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quiet elders neighborhood woke up to $10,000 in damage from overnight vandals. >> came up, checked my vehicles. the sidewalk of course was spray painted. both my car and my nephew's car were tarred at the door joints from the top to the bottom. >> reporter: police quickly arrested a 15 and 16-year-old on charges of property destruction and theft. >> my husband's car got the tar. my rental minivan got the black spray paint with very choice words spray painted all over. he got to drive that to the u.s. open today. he was quite proud. >> reporter: wjz had to blur the pictures of the van that's covered in swear words and graffiti of male anatomy. these young kids were stunned by the vandalism. >> nothing bad happened in this neighborhood before. >> reporter: 15 affected families are now stuck cleaning up and answering questions. >> i will have to explain to enterprise why these choice words are spray painted on my
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minivan when i return to t. to them. >> the teens were also arrested on a minor drug charge. police recovered $300 in stolen property. a man with ties to baltimore remains in police custody after causing a bomb scare near the pentagon. authorities caught the 22-year- old marine corps reservist lurking in arlington national cemetery overnight carrying a backpack full of shell casings and notes about al qaeda and the taliban. the fbi says the man's marine corps unit is headquartered here in baltimore. another scare in washington d.c. today. a small plane flew into a restricted airspace around the nation's capitol. two coast guard helicopters intercepted that plane and diverted it around noon today. the pilot was questioned by local law enforcement officials. it's unclear tonight if the pilot will face any charges. congresswoman giffords is spending the weekend in arizona. it is her first time back since being shot in january in a
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tucson shopping center. her husband expects it will be a very emotional weekend. doctors believe giffords' return to her hometown could play an important role in her recovery. she is not planning any public appearances. a baltimore high school loses a staff member to a brutal murder and now the school is taking time out of the graduation ceremony to honor her. gigi barnett has more on the first ever asia ring award. >> reporter: crystal's high school class of 2011 is small. the school's first ceremony at the cathedral of mary our queen is large. one person from the school staff is missing. 24-year-old asia ring. in 2008, ring was stabbed to death while standing in a line at a baltimore county convenience store. her killer, david briggs, receive nod jail time because he has a mental disorder. this weekend, the school decided to honor its former staff member by giving away the
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first ever asia ring metal. from now on, it will go to a student who is most like ring, outgoing, down to earth, and determined to excel. >> these kids are pushing forward with asia's dreams now. >> reporter: mike ring is asia's father. he traveled from germany to give the award. >> it's such a happy day for these folks, but they continue to allow asia to be a part of this family. >> reporter: cristo rey's graduating class has 78 students. many knew asia ring well. >> she was so nice to everyone. when she died, part of cristo rey died with her. >> reporter: ring lives on in the class of 2011. i'm gigi barnett, wjz "eyewitness news." >> all of the cristo rey graduates, all of them of headed off to college. 15 members of the maryland national guard were deployed earlier today. this group are highly
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specialized soldiers operating an unmanned surveillance aircraft called shadow. we have an update tonight on the maryland children slapped with a fine for setting up a lemonade stand. the kids opened their stand in bethesda near the u.s. open and were planning to donate all of their proceeds to charity, but montgomery county inspectors shut them down because they did not have a vendor's license. tonight we learned that the county is allowing them to reopen their stand in a different location and a $500 fine has been waived. turning a problem into an opportunity, baltimore city is launching a new effort to fix up all of those vacant homes. the city wants to teach people how to finance, rehab and resell the vacant homes. city officials say the goal is to turn blight into something beautiful. >> it helps the community,
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helps with crime reduction, it helps with cleanliness. it's various, you know, ways it helps to have these products put back that productive use. >> if you are interested in purchasing a vacant home, you can call the land resources division. the phone number is 410-396 -- actually that should say four. 4111. we have an unlikely present for president obama. today he set aside his differences with house speaker john boehner to win a game of golf. the big question tonight is will the camaraderie translate from the golf course to congress? susan mcinnis reports from washington. >> reporter: after four hours on the links that included a miss by president obama, and a successful short putt by house speaker john boehner, the two along with vice president joe biden and ohio governor kasich shared a laugh and a drink
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after a friendly round of golf. the president and speaker teamed up to win saturday's game. while it was all handshakes and backpacks on the green, 18 holes wasn't enough time for the leaders to tee up agreements on major issues. the stage is set on capitol hill for a showdown over spending. congress needs to vote to raise the nation's dead limit by august or the country risks tee faulting on its loan. republicans insist they will not support raising the debt ceiling unless it's tied to $2 trillion in spending cuts. democrats are on board but are fighting back on how much is cut and where that money will come from. there's also been tension between the two. they have raised questions about how long the u.s. can continue supporting air strikes in libya.
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the speaker and the president were headed in the same direction on the green. that's something unlikely to last in the weeks ahead. in washington, susan mcinnis, wjz "eyewitness news." >> both these guys are actually good golfers. house speak are john boehner held a big advantage today. golf digest ranked him 43rd out of the 150 top golfers. the president ranks 108th money dozens of people go high in the air to fight kidney disease. people rappeled 17 stories down the crossing tower today. you have to have guts to do that. each participant pledged $1,000 to the national kidney foundation of maryland. a legendary member of bruce springsteen's e street band pass as way. also a real life "catch me if you can," how one man flies
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around the world. and a cat survived a 14 story plunge off a high rise. also, an american exchange student serving time for murder. now surprising groups claim they can clear amanda knox's name. i'm meteorologist burn that debt woods. a new round of showers and thunderstorms is headed this way. we'll have that after this break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 78 degrees. we have storms rolling into central maryland right now. bernadette will have the details coming up. first, three teenagers are dead after a stolen car slams into a tree in chicago. take a look at the horrifying images here. the police say the car jumped a curb, struck a tree and literally split in two. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. a big update from indiana where police believe they have uncovered an important clue for the search of a missing college student. lauren spear was sported missing two weaks ago found a bag of clothes that may or may not be linked to her. police are hoping to find out more from the security cameras. new support for amanda
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knox, the seattle native who's been in jail for more than three years accused of murdering her roommate in italy. anna reports tonight from italy. >> reporter: it was a big day for amanda knox as five witnesses took the stand in her defense. convicted child killer mario leslie testified that amanda knox did not kill her british room nature. the 38-year-old was convicted and stoned to 26 year nose are murder -- sentenced to 26 years for horde and sexual assault. a third man was also convicted and sent to the same prison as her boyfriend. according to alexy, he says they visited a friend and when she refused the advances, they
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sexually assaulted her and then they killed her. two other convicts also testified that they heard them saying that knox and her boyfriend tom comes the stories about rudy and speaking that amanda had nothing do with this. >> reporter: a verdict is expected in the fall. in italy, wjz "eyewitness news." >> also at that same hearing, a fourth convict gave a completely different version of the events. that convicted mobster said that his brother murdered her. clarence clemens, better known as big man died tonight from the complications of a stroke. he is best known from the e- vite band.
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tonight, the loss is measurable. he was honored to stand behind clemens for nearly 40 years. police are investigating the man who used a stolen identity. 38-year-old jonathan porter has been charged with several cases of identity theft. the airline says they are fully cooperating with the newspaper open this investigation. a 9-year-old survives a 14 story fall out of a high rise in manhattan. the owner says she just had the window open just a crack but somehow this 12 pound cat managed to weese ought of the -- squeeze out of the small hole. that cat will be okay. i used to have a cat, bern.
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no problem, that cat would just dive. >> that one seemed pretty with it. >> a little hefty. but you do remember? >> i do remember, yeah. weather-wise, we have a couple of showers and storm. we start out with the first warning doppler radar and show you most of the day. most of the storm has been calm. starting to come in with the next stick, we're seeing just a few showers not much more than that west of baltimore or west of columbia coming all the way out to frederick. this is where we are seeing thunderstorms mixing in and have been throughout the day. western parts of maryland. this is part of the storm system. most of the day completely fine out there. now we're seeing some of the showers and storms and a few showers and thunderstorms are possible as we head through the
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overnight. that's going to increase as we head into tomorrow. winds are not much of a factor right now. we could see fog form because of that. 80 in d.c. and spiked into the mountains with ocean city. the average is 83. so not too far from average. here's how it looks when we opened this thing up. this is a much bigger storm. some of it's moved or way. it's still out there and that's going to affect us tonight through the taye tomorrow. as soon as we get rid of that storm, yet another one is going to come our way on monday. this is a warm front right in here. it'll bring clouds and spotty showers maybe a few thunderstorms on monday. when it clears us and will be returning. it will stick around for the second half of the week. out on the water, wind's not
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much of a factor. if you are headed out, tonight showers and storms are possible. 67 for our low. tomorrow we go up to 82 degrees. you any right there on monday as the warm front tries to clear the area. once it clears us, we jump back up into the 90s. could see a shower or thunderstorm late in the day on a wednesday. we'll see better chances toward thursday and friday. adam? coming up next in sports, orioles nationals major loo egg orioles nationals major loo egg baseball high lyles coming up.
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try this sweet combo today. america runs on dunkin'. the birds need a win desperately. >> they got themselves in the hole so they have to get themselves out of it. nowhere to look but up for the hapless o's. they opened up the scoring against the gnats today when
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adam jones hits the solo homer off jordan zimmerman. the orioles dropped six of the last seven. no dropsies here for mark reynolds. catching some real fire on the hard corner. at one point, starter brian mattis left the day on a 90 degree day with a left hamstring cramp. for now, the o's lose 4-2. >> it's realistic. i don't think the road trip's over, you know? we'll be here tomorrow. we don't live in that whoa is me and sky is falling thing. you know, you keep climbing. >> reporter: and the grind continues tomorrow in hopes of the birds av. voiding a three-game sweep sunday at 4:30 when we bring you the series finale. elsewhere in tampa, one female fan got more than she bargained for at the food stand when matt joyce hit that foul ball that allows her to make a
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great bare handed catch. it just tickles her to oblivion pop tampa bay won that game. dusty baker probably couldn't believe his eyes when jason knick makes it in. we'll slow it down for your viewing pleasure. rosy davis after talking an 4. pro gall from nearby bethesda. rory mcill roy shot a 3 under 66. barring a major collapse, he'll win open tomorrow. his record six-shot lead has now stretched to 8 shots. y.e. yang is in second place. brooklyn/michigan, kurt busch in his dodge.
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for a sprint cup race, busch at number 6 in the standings. he finished in the top ten in three straight places including second place in pocono last week. finally, we've got local outdoor amateur boxing in the south parking lot. yes, outdoors at raveps stadium. put up your duke fight-fest sponsored by the baltimore boxing club. we're watching make club and one of a listed nine bouts. these were voted by my friend maryland boxing hall of famer jake the snake smith from the baltimore boxing club in fells point. nationwide nascar race tomorrow. we'll see with you highlights from everything tomorrow. >> i'll train for a little bit
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and i'll do it. >> now we just need a challenger. send us a post. still to come, some ladies are moving it. ,,,, [ male announcer ] baltimore. a city that's been inspiring ideas and innovation since 1729. at bank of america, we live, work and help serve the community here through hundreds of branches and atms. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion. from supporting the university of maryland medical center...
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to the restoration of the hippodrome theater and american brewery building. because when you're giving, lending and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen.
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it is the battle of the grammies this weekend in iowa. ladies will duke it out as part of the iowa senior olympics. the group of ladies meets once a week to gear up for the big day. they will not let their age slow them down. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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